TEF 2024 eTrain Grants: Tomball ISD Receives $125,430

TEF 2024 eTrain Grants $125,430 to Tomball ISD

TEF 2024 eTrain Grants $125,430 to Tomball ISD!

Sharing knowledge, inspiring change, and encouraging understanding: Tomball Independent School District educators are giving our students the forever-tools they need to build a better future. How can our community thank them and show our support? 

TEF Says ‘Thanks a Million’ To Educators

The Tomball Education Foundation helps teachers provide above-and-beyond educational experiences by providing grants for educational projects and activities that are outside the limits of traditional classroom subsidies. Its annual TEF 2024 eTrain rewards Tomball ISD staff for their creative and innovative ideas that facilitate the best possible educational outcomes for Tomball ISD students.

One February 2, 2024, TEF 2024 eTrain volunteers traveled throughout the district distributing grants. This funding is only available thanks to the donations and sponsorships provided by Northwest Harris County residents and businesses. 

Thirty-five TEF 2024 eTrain grants were awarded to 84 teachers across sixteen Tomball ISD campuses plus Student Support Services staff:

  • $5,000Creekside Park Junior High (Tammie Cox, Sheri Forbes, Victoria Hagan)
    NoRedInk Premium is an interactive writing platform that develops writing skills using personalized, high-interest content and targeted skills-building exercises.
  • $5,000Lakewood Elementary (Tiffany Davila)
    Integrating iPads into the elementary curriculum encourages creative and engaging learning experiences with interactive apps, virtual field trips, and collaborative tools.
  • $5,000Student Support Services (Elizabeth Goodrich, Allison Landes)
    A SPED resource library will provide musical instruments and instructional strategies, including music therapy.
  • $5,000Student Support Services (Vy Thai, Kimberly Keller, Patsy Ward)
    Fine motor skills’ strengthening boxes are provided for younger students struggling to meet academic targets.
  • $5,000Tomball Elementary (Nathalie Tilley)
    Computer programming and coding is more easily learned with Ozobots. This grant exposes our students to robotics and opens their eyes to a world of possibilities.
  • $5,000Tomball High School (Kami’ Faldyn)
    The Tomball High School Speech & Debate Team can use The Debate goes Digital grant to access technology for speechwriting, current events analyses, and evaluating research for participating at debate tournaments.
  • $5,000Wildwood Elementary (Candace Bailey, Marsha Bright, Lara Davis, Ashley Estrada, Jennifer Guillory, Jennifer O’Neill, Sweta Parameshwaran)
    The seamless integration of iPads into daily instruction and activities can promote engagement, creativity, and individualized learning among first-graders.
  • $5,000Willow Wood Junior High (Katie Haag)
    Electric instruments are redefining the world of orchestral string playing! Bringing electric instruments to the Wildcat Orchestra program will also allow students to serve the community through musical performances.
  • $4,891Northpointe Intermediate (Lawanna Valenzuela)
    Playaway audiobook read-along Wonderbooks are a great way to encourage the love of reading and improve skills using screen-free, portable devices.
  • $4,867Canyon Pointe Elementary (Nelly Garcia, Jennifer Hutto, Kaylee Zarate)
    TouchMath is a multisensory program that increases students’ number sense and computational skills. Initially, it will be implemented with special-education student groups but can later be extended to general population intervention and small-group teaching.
  • $4,835Student Support Services (Brooke Looney, Matt Marshall)
    Age-appropriate activities using Motor Labs will target academic task- and skills-building.
  • $4,802Wildwood Elementary (Meghan Janecek, Shannon Marshall)
    Incorporating iPads into early childhood special education classrooms enhances academic and developmental progress.
  • $4,780Canyon Pointe Elementary (Amy Keene, Brandy Tripp)
    Using the technology-based heart rate monitors makes physical exercise more engaging and interactive for students. It also provides data-based, customized, fitness program development.
  • $4,779Willow Creek Elementary (Shannon Harl, Brandyne Finney)
    Magnetic whiteboards will be added to classrooms, providing collaborative working spaces that can build a community of critical thinkers.
  • $4,667Willow Wood Junior High (Jim Shaw, Debra Vandergriff, Makaela Martinez, Dawn Melton/NIS)
    Tuning in for Success will enhance tonal and rhythmic awareness for band students at Willow Wood Junior High. Upgraded digital tuners, individual pick-up microphones, and tuner storage caddies will be added.
  • $4,500Lakewood Elementary (Katy Gates)
    Interactive and tactile science learning tools can allow 4th grade science classrooms to become interactive, experiential places for students.
  • $4,494Willow Creek Elementary (Brandye Scotton, Brandyne Finney)
    Swivl software suite increases emergent bilingual student performance across all Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System domains.
  • $4,107Canyon Pointe Elementary (Daisy Martinez)
    By integrating cutting-edge technology, fostering language proficiency, and embracing inclusivity in a blended learning environment, students are empowered to excel academically and express their creativity.
  • $3,948Willow Creek Elementary (Terri Nelli, Katie Jacobs)
    Learning to play ukuleles will be a unique and enriching musical experience for Willow Creek 3rd graders! It can build self-confidence and encourage creativity, collaboration, and self-expression.
  • $3,790Grand Lakes Junior High (Melissa O’Brien, Eloise Traw, Lisa Stoyak, Rachel Page, Jill Moreno)
    Kami for Kids Extension is a cross-curricular program that allows students to use writing, highlighting, drawing, coloring, and digital tools (dictionaries, text-to speech, video comments, etc.). 
  • $3,595Lakewood Elementary (Kristi Donald)
    A large touch-screen monitor at the small-group table allows teachers to use digital resources to increase student learning, engagement, and collaboration.
  • $3,394Willow Creek Elementary (Tracy Geiser)
    The Mystery Science program will offer high-quality, engaging, and inquiry-based science education. It incorporates lab activities that require students to document their scientific observations and findings.
  • $2,995Wildwood Elementary (Lauren Peterson, Nga Ngo)
    Third and 4th grades can extend their math and science skills using STEM-based Gizmos. This software fosters critical-thinking skills and problem solving beyond the classroom experience. K-2 students are encouraged to become young scientists with Gizmo’s Science4Us.
  • $2,798Creekview Elementary (Evelia Benoit, Elsa Cordera, Patricia Heideman)
    “Empowering Every Voice for Academic Excellence” offers students the tools they need to succeed in a blended learning environment. 
  • $2,527Grand Oaks Elementary (Dana Carter, Jessica Oakes, Kayla Clarkson)
    A sensory lab can be a safe place for students with sensory differences. It provides tools and materials that support auditory, visual, tactile, vestibular, and proprioception sensory needs.
  • $2,337Lakewood Elementary (Janet Marek, Bianca Nobles)
    BRAINball cross-curricula games can be used to teach language and literacy, math, develop motor skills, and more.
  • $2,200Rosehill Elementary (Maria Alejandra Martinez)
    This innovative book library will promote financial literacy as well as reading skills. The Two-Way Dual Language Literacy Library includes “English, Spanish, and beyond!” 
  • $2,200Wildwood Elementary (Kenny Ho, Anne Collins, Melissa Noack, Michelle Brooks, Kristy Ahrens, Amy Hyden, Adrian Merchant, Kathleen Howell)
    Wipebooks will be used to promote highly engaged, inquisitive, and successful critical thinkers at every academic level.
  • $1,795Wildwood Elementary (Amy Hyden)
    Generation Genius for Wildwood can promote higher levels of student engagement and academic success through exciting, TEKS-based activities.
  • $1,575Early Excellence Academy (Tammi Cruise)
    A light table can serve as a sensory option that introduces new concepts and reinforces previously learned material. Students can sort colors and shapes, match letters, create and solve word problems, make patterns, build words and sentences, examine x-rays… and more.
  • $1,542Tomball Star Academy, Tomball Elementary (Kelly Riley, Kaitlyn Adams)
    Read with the Stars enables kindergarteners to connect with high school students through virtual read-aloud sessions.
  • $1,213Wildwood Elementary (John Angel, Loreta Garcia, Kellie Greenberg, Mason Carroll, Sarah Rumfield, Melissa Richards, Michele Taylor, Susan Renneker)
    This grant supports the blended learning environment’s reading playlist and guided math stations. Power Pens and question cards give students a chance to practice/apply their learning effectively and independently.
  • $759Wildwood Elementary (Alison Love)
    Bilingual picture dictionaries will support emerging bilingual students’ English language and home language skills. It can seamlessly transition between languages and excite students to learn about other languages.
  • $566Wildwood Elementary (Barbara Hurst, Courtney Cofield, Jennifer Johnson, Melissa Warren)
    Hands-On Emotional Regulation Accessibility will provide resource materials for special education students who require assistance with regulating emotions, behaviors, and accessibility needs.
  • $507Tomball Junior High (Regina Garceau) The Printing in Style grant will give students a high-quality printer for graphics/text digital printing and heat pressing.

The Tomball Independent School District provides educational opportunities for over 22,000 students. Congratulations to these exceptional educators for their vision and proactive approach to teaching. The TEF 2024 eTrain thanks you for all that you do! 

Do you have questions about the TEF 2024 eTrain or the Tomball Education Foundation?

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