Tomball Education Foundation Grants

Innovative Learning Grants

What Are They?

Innovative Learning Grants are designed to encourage, facilitate, recognize and reward innovative and creative instructional approaches and best practices in accomplishing program objectives.

The Tomball Education Foundation (TEF) offers teachers, administrators and support staff the opportunity to apply for grants to support innovative programs or projects that promote higher levels of student learning.

The grants must enhance student academic performance and support the stated objectives, goals, and initiatives of the District/Campus Improvement Plan.

How to Apply?

The grant application period is currently open until October 23, 2023. Please sign up below if you have questions about the grant application and/or process.

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Grant Examples

Interactive Computer Science Technology Enrichment Program

Aaron Guidry, Tomball High School
David Monroe, Tomball Memorial High

The Interactive Computer Science Technology Enrichment Program is designed to allow our students to exhibit the software that they write in new ways. By purchasing Raspberry Pis that can control Arcade Cabinets, we can have the student body experience computer science and gain interest in this field, while providing feedback about the two-dimensional interactive games our students create. By funding virtual reality headsets, we can have our upper level computer science students create 3D environments and get practice with critical skills in head and hand tracking for real-time stories, applications, and games. This grant would take our computer science program to the next level by incorporating interactive experiences that are educational, fun, and amazing while preparing our students for their future studies and careers

Critical Thinking Campus-Wide Intervention

Elicia Moody, Tomball Star Academy

The goal of this innovative intervention is to simultaneously improve analytical and logical reasoning skills, reinforce numeracy, and boost attitudes toward math and problem-solving through KenKen puzzles. Getting our students to play with numbers also builds their math-confidence! The innovation is to implement a school-wide competition for which homeroom can complete the most (and the most difficult) KenKen puzzles each 9 weeks. All students (and teachers) will be taught how to solve the puzzles, then their reasoning and numeracy will improve as they gain experience and "level up!" Puzzles will also be available as class warmups or post-test desk activities in all classrooms.

Osmos for Innovative Learning

Gayla Coward / Cyleen Davis / Melissa Bell / Janice Pace / Amy Schneider /Kristin Shockley
Timber Creek Elementary

Tangible learning tools bring out the best in students! Adding to our Osmo/iPad collection will allow equitable access across our grade level, allowing more students to enjoy the rich and creative learning experiences with fellow classmates during their technology stations. With Osmo, engagement happens organically, making it easy for students to WANT to practice essential skills and become successful. This form of technology does not isolate the learner from the outside world, but aims to bring the learners together and build interactive social intelligence.

Digital Pollinator Conservation Advocates

Victoria Hunsucker / Holly Steed
Creekside Forest Elementary

Be a pollinator advocate! Observe and create projects about pollinators in our thriving garden by utilizing an outdoor camera, connected app, and iPads. This project will support the use of technology in an innovative way, making digital access to the garden available from classrooms via an iPad app during the instructional school day. "We want those who come after us to inherit a world where the wild is still alive."

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